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Will rate as well as select Evaporator Coils for Refrigerants 22, 134a, 404a, 407c, 410a, and 507a.   All calculations are based on the properties of the actual refrigerant specified.  The software is set up to incorporate any refrigerants included in the NIST REFPROP database.

Evaporator Coil Rating & Selection

Uses Advanced Performance Algorithm

· Uses ARI method for calculations

· In the Evaporating portion of the coil, uses local heat transfer coefficients that vary with the refrigerant weight flow and refrigerant quality.

· Fully accounts for Refrigerant Glide in all calculations.

· Allows the use of different Performance multipliers in the desuperheating, condensing and subcooling portions for Rifled Tubing. Additionally, the “multiplier” in the condensing portion can be a range of values that varies with the quality.

· The same flexibility is provided for Rifled Tubing Pressure Drop multipliers.


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