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This computer program uses separate rating techniques for the desuperheater portion and the condensing portion, as well as for the subcooler portion.   It also takes into account the fact that local heat transfer coefficients vary with the refrigerant weight flow, something that also was not considered in years past.    In addition, the effect of pressure drop on performance is accounted for in this program and connection sizing is also included.  

Condenser Rating & Selection

· Rates and Selects Fin & Tube Condenser Coils

· R22, R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, and R507a.

· Algorithms - desuperheater, condenser & subcooler

· Calculates effect of pressure drop on performance.

· Fully accounts for Refrigerant Glide.

· Supports adjustments for Rifled Tubing.

· Allows Partial Condensing Calculations.

· Connection sizing for hot gas, liquid and drain line

· Optimizes circuiting and allows user specified circuiting.

This program rates as well as selects Condenser Coils for Refrigerants 22, 134a, 404a, 407c, 410a, and 507a.   It is set up to incorporate other refrigerants as the need develops, providing the properties of the refrigerant are also included in the NIST data base.   The maximum saturated condenser temperature is 150 F except it is limited to 135 F for refrigerants R-404a, R-410a and R-507c to avoid operating too close to the triple point for those refrigerants.   The program has the ability to rate a coil with an integral subcooler and recently, we’ve added the ability to select a coil with an integral subcooler despite the complexity caused by circuiting variability and leaving liquid temperature issues.    In the selection mode, a second selection is provided that is “below spec”– this provides the user an opportunity to review implications on cost or system design and make prudent adjustments. 

 Advanced Algorithm for Performance Calculations

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